The New Instagram Lite Is Launched in India

According to the latest news, Instagram has announced about the launch of the test of a new version of Instagram Lite, and the second edition of the ‘Born on Instagram’ creator programme in India which will consume less data and be more user friendly. The Facebook-owned social media platform is extending the test of Instagram Lite to people in India. This is a new application that is less than 2MB in size and is built to deliver a fast and consistent experience to users. According to the company, “Early this year there was research conducted in India, to ascertain the attractiveness and comprehension of new products, and one barrier that was observed was the compromised Internet experience, as a result of low memory phones and heavy-sized applications. This set the context for the test of Instagram Lite, and India is a primarily test country for it.” Mr. Shah said during his keynote at the Facebook Fuel for India event that, “Today, we’re announcing the test of IG Lite in India,”

“It was built to provide access to high-quality Instagram experience to our users in India, irrespective of the device, platform, and the network that they are on.”

The Instagram Lite application is made for Android and this new version has improved, fast pace performance ability and quick responsiveness, Instagram said.  Although Instagram Lite has a similar core experience to the original application, it is currently not supporting features such as Reels, Shopping and IGTV.  The application will be available in languages of Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. According to the research experience by Instagram in the country as compromised Internet experience due to low-memory phones and heavy-sized applications is troubling the consumers hence, the company said that the research is truly establishing the context for testing the new lightweight application in the country for better customer satisfaction. With the introduction of the new Instagram Lite app in place, Facebook now has “lite” versions of its regular application as well as the Messenger app. Alongside the new application, Instagram also has brought the ‘Born on Instagram 2.0′ creator programme in the country.

The programme is designed as the next version of the initiative that was launched in November 2019 to help creators grow and showcase their photos and videos to the public.

The ‘Born on Instagram’ initiative is an effort by the company to look for brilliant and artistic creators in the country. Its main objective is to “celebrate, discover and showcase” creators from all over India who will also be given collaboration and mentorship opportunities. For now, the initiative will be launched in 15 cities this year. To protect its users from harassment in the comment section, the company spoke about its ‘Restrict’ feature. Users will be able to swipe left on comments to essentially shadow-ban them from your posts if needed. Their comments will only be visible to them and remove them from the public view. This new version of ‘Born on Instagram’ programme is aimed to incorporate features including Reels. It will go on for a period of six months and will continue to offer masterclasses from internal and external experts. Interested creators can sign up for the ‘Born on Instagram 2.0′ programme from the official portal and benefit from it. Instagram, while introducing the new features keeps in mind how businesses have been leveraging the platform to get more customers and reach a wider audience. Influencers and brands have been taking advantage of the Branded Content Ad feature that enables them to promote branded content from creators as organic feeds and story ads.

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